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Hair Restoration may be the most important self-improvement decision of your life. If you suffer from hair loss, the stigma of “baldness” is one of the first ways that people think of to characterize you. In the mind of the average person, a full head of hair represents attractiveness and desirability, both personally and professionally in a way that a lack of hair does not.

For this reason, it is vital to understand what effects a hair restoration procedure can have on your daily interactions with people and in all other aspects of your life.

If the hair restoration is a good one, meaning nearly unnoticeable to all but the expert eye, you’ve practically been given a new lease on life with all the benefits. And the selection process you went through to find a great hair transplant doctor was well worth the attention you gave it.

If on the other hand, the hair restoration is easily noticeable, it’s a poor one. And it likely resulted from a decision to count factors other than skill and resources as the reason to choose a particular hair restoration physician.

So please keep the following in mind: In medical hair restoration, you have only one opportunity to ‘get it right.’ Therefore, this is one procedure for which corner-cutting and bargain-hunting is ill-advised. We urge you to do your homework. To help you do just that, we invite you to keep in mind these important guidelines.

Look for the correct credentials

Quality control of Bosley‘s artistic and surgical standards is strictly maintained. It begins by choosing only physicians with an aptitude for the demanding surgical precision of the Bosley250 techniques. As a team, Dr. Bosley, the Medical Director and the Assistant Medical Director, work personally with every affiliated physician in a program of ongoing thorough training in the latest techniques.

Most highly qualified hair restoration physicians are Doctors of Medicine (M.D.s) and are board-certified by an American board, usually in one or more of four basic specialties: Dermatology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, or Hair Restoration Surgery.

The doctor’s Board Certificate(s) should be prominently displayed in his or her office so that you can clearly and conveniently read them.

Make sure that hair restoration is practiced full-time

Simply put, hair restoration is all we do. For more than 33 years, has specialized only in hair restoration–providing natural results, utilizing proven surgical procedures and advanced artistic techniques. We have always focused on the artistry–developing soft, realistic hairlines that look and feel completely natural.

While medical hair restoration is simple, minor surgery from the patient’s vantage point, a great looking finished hair transplant result demands that the doctor performing the procedure have specific, meticulous skills and an artistic sense refined through a full-time commitment to hair restoration.

We recommend avoiding any physician or group that provides other cosmetic procedures besides medical hair restoration. And be sure to steer clear of any groups whose doctors work in association with wig or ‘weave’ salesmen or so-called ‘trichologists,’ who often offer worthless ‘hair growth’ lotions, scalp massages and/or ultraviolet ray treatments to combat baldness.

Consider the single most important factor: artistic ability

The ability to create truly great hair transplant results goes beyond surgical skill, and requires training and experience in the artistry of hair restoration.

Like all aspects of hair restoration, hairline re-creation is only 10% – 20% the result of surgical skill. A great looking hair restoration result, however, is 80% – 90% the result of artistry, a skill which many surgeons–even many cosmetic surgeons–never develop. A physician who can produce a virtually undetectable hairline restoration must first know the classical rules of facial dimensions. He must also have developed a sculptor’s keen sense of balance and proportion, and a portrait painter’s sense of refinement in blending and shading. Get a free Bosley 250 Gift Certificate.

Free Bosley 250$ Gift Certificate and Request Free DVD and VIDEO about hair loss and hair restoration.